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ESG Consultants by Personaz USA is a company focused on the sustainable development of companies by promoting good practices in environmental, social, and governance issues, including human rights (from now on, ¨ESG¨). Our company elaborates sustainability reports using globally recognized standards and methodologies that measure companies' progress in ESG. Companies disseminate their ESG reports to stakeholders yearly, showing themselves transparently, thus generating trust. We have worked with large corporations since 2013 in Peru, in 2018 in Central America, and in 2020 in Mexico. In July 2021 we opened our offices in the US. Some of our clients are PepsiCo bottling company (cbc), Southern Peaks Mining, Interbank, and PwC, among others. We want our company to thrive in Naples since I think there are many opportunities and sound professionals in this fast-growing city. Also, I believe Naples can be an excellent example of a responsible city in economic terms and with respect for the environment and human rights. Therefore, I am excited to work with companies in this city willing to cooperate for a better world. Our clients are primarily large companies of different sectors operating in Latin America. Some of the countries where we have an important presence are Peru, Mexico, and Guatemala. Usually, these are where headquarters are located. However, the rest of those companies' operations are all over South and Central America and the USA. Some of the sectors we work with are mining, electric utilities, energy, food and beverages, construction and real estate, banking, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, tourism, steel, oil and gas, among others. Our leading service is the elaboration of sustainability reports. However, this implies other aligned services, such as materiality studies and identifying companies' major ESG impacts. Likewise, we work in identifying, classifying, and prioritizing stakeholders, focusing on their needs and expectations related to a company's activities. All of these services are the baseline for a good sustainability development strategy. We have become experts in ESG measurement tools such as the Sustainability Accountability Standards Board - SASB, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Compact, and the Global Reporting Initiative. Likewise, we carry out external verifications (sustainability audits) and advise on the completion of ESG applications and evaluations aimed at investors, such as the Corporate Sustainability Assessment of S&P, and MSCI, among others. Our primary expertise is using the pioneering standards in preparing sustainability reports, the Global Reporting Initiative - GRI. We work closely with them as Latin America GRI Training Partners and as part of the GRI Community. We also collaborate with them as volunteers to translate the courses or new standards. The company's principal partner was an expert in reviewing the GRI management approaches and was the GRI Stakeholder Council Vice Chair, collaborating with them in Amsterdam since 2012. About our team members, each person that works for our company must believe and be committed to environmental care and respect for human rights. In addition, each owns a Master's degree and speaks at least two languages. They also have different ESG specializations: social or environmental. Today our objective is to open a market in the US, starting in Naples.

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