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As Cyber Security Costs Go Up We Drive Them Down!

As Cyber Security Costs Go Up We Drive Them Down!

Guest Blog
  • The annual salary for an IT technician starts around $44,000.
  • For businesses with 5-20 employees, the average costs for an IT Managed Service Provider, including security, technology, and licensing costs, is roughly $21,600 - $39,120 annually.
  • In this article we will discuss the difference an IT Managed Service Provider can make for small to midsize businesses, and the affordability of protecting their business and clients.
  • You are invited to a free cybersecurity webinar featuring Shark Tanks Kevin O’Leary and FBI Agent Eric O’Neill

What Happened

It’s no surprise anymore that cybercrime is a growing concern, but as technology grows, so does the crime and the need for IT and security technicians. The real concern is the same reality that all businesses are facing, the challenge to find skillful employees that want to work!

Cybercrime is the fastest growing industry, we can’t train enough workers fast enough, and the costs for employees keep going up. Nowadays, it’s common for entry level technicians to begin their career with a starting annual salary of $50,000 or more. For many small-to-midsized businesses, that’s more than their entire budget for technology, application licensing, office supplies, and even marketing, combined!

What This Means for Small-to Midsize Businesses

There are other options!

Tech Advisors is a leader in IT Managed Services for their ability to offer more, for less.

Rather than receiving one full-time technician, Tech Advisors delivers a team of expert engineers, technicians, and a client relations manager, at a fraction of the costs. Not only that, but Tech Advisors operates as a “Virtual Chief Information Officer” to consult their partnered clients on where to improve operations, decrease costs, and maintain compliancy throughout the everchanging landscape and regulations.

Tech Advisors offers managed and co-managed solutions for the specific needs of each business. Some solutions are designed solely to improve the security system, and others are geared towards security awareness and regulated trainings for employees. Regardless of the solution, it needs to fit your budget and industry regulations first and foremost; and Tech Advisors can help guide you through the complex definitions and difficult decisions your business is destined to face.  

What do Costs Look Like?

Gone are the days of the “pay-as-you-go” model that charge by the hour.

Tech Advisors charges a standard monthly fee built for the unique size and needs of the business.

Costs will vary depending on products, users, devices, servers, and applications.

To make it easy, Tech Advisors provides these ballpark figures for businesses to use for planning and building IT, Security, and Compliance Budgets.

Entry Level:         $125-200     per user/device     per month

Dual Services:         $175-250     per user/device        per month

Multiple Services:     $225-400     per user/device        per month

Next Steps

If you’ve been considering hiring technicians or an IT service provider, visit the Tech Advisors website: to learn more about the products and services they offer. You may also contact Anthony, provided below, with questions or concerns.

Free Webinar Invitation
Tech Advisors is proud to announce they are hosting a free virtual event on December 15th called Small Business Tech Day, alongside Shark Tanks Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary and the Master Mind Criminal Detective Eric O’Neill.
Join us for a fun-filled, educational webinar designed to teach business owners, management, and employees about cybersecurity and security awareness.

Click here to learn more and to sign up!

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