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Learn & Grow By Listening

Learn & Grow By Listening

Guest Blog

I've come to understand that listening is a dynamic and transformative force. 

We all yearn for the experience of being truly heard. The art of meaningful conversation begins with the practice of active listening. When executed skillfully, active listening possesses the remarkable ability to coax out thoughts, prevent misunderstandings, nurture collaboration in the workplace, resolve disputes, establish a foundation of trust, and grow into an empathic leader.  

This skill empowers us to pose reflective inquiries that initiate and paves the way for deeper connections, more significant learnings, and the opportunity to extend genuine support. Embarking on a journey of attentive listening involves embracing several techniques:

  • Immerse yourself completely in the conversation.
  • Demonstrate genuine interest by maintaining steady eye contact.
  • Employ non-verbal cues for enhanced understanding.
  • Ask open-ended questions that encourage expansive responses.
  • Mirror the speaker's words for affirmation.
  • Shift the focus from responding to understanding.
  • Suspend judgment and the urge to provide immediate advice.

Yo orchestrate an environment where empathy and connection flourish by weaving these practices into your conversation.

Melissa Severance, Owner of Inspire Big Dreams & Founder of DisruptHR Naples

Chief Dream Officer  | Executive, Leadership & Career Coach | Corporate Training | HR Consultant 

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