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Naples ban on gasoline-powered leaf blowers begins Oct. 21

Naples ban on gasoline-powered leaf blowers begins Oct. 21

Considered by some a public nuisance and breach of peace, certain leaf blowers are no longer to be used within the City of Naples.

Last year Naples City Council held a public hearing whether certain leaf blowers should be prohibited for use within the city’s corporate limits.

After receiving resident petitions for noise disturbance relief, City Council unanimously approved an ordinance aimed at reducing noise stemming from leaf blowers last years. 

The city gave a year before the rules were effective citywide, giving people substantial time to transition to an approved device. The new rule goes into effect Oct. 21.

Since last fall, the City Council has discussed leaf blower noise amendments to improve quality of life and peace of mind for Naples residents.

The noise ordinance aims to limit excessive noise generated by certain leaf blowers. Use of all gasoline-powered leaf blowers are prohibited, as well as battery and electric powered leaf blowers exceeding 65 decibels (dBA).

Decibel information can be found on the device’s manufacturer label. If dBA details are not shown, the device may not be used within the city.

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