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Richard LeBer: Leadership Collier Class of 2019

Richard LeBer: Leadership Collier Class of 2019

Leadership Collier Foundation

Graduation time is rolling around soon for Leadership Collier. As a member of the Class of 2019 (Greatest Of All Time – GOAT!), it’s amazing to look back on the experience. It’s hard to sum it all up.
I am new to the area and new to my role at the Harry Chapin Food Bank. I applied to Leadership Collier to increase my understanding of the area, its history, and how the community works. I hoped it would deepen my connections in Collier County and help make me a more effective leader here. I hoped it would enable me to contribute to the continuing development of this amazing community. I am confident it has achieved all of those objectives and more.

Leadership Collier was full of amazing experiences. There are too many to relate here, but I will always remember the creativity, humor and camaraderie of our opening retreat and costume party. I will remember the great programs at Lorenzo Walker Technical Institute. Being touched by the serenity and beauty of the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. Being terrified by the traffic stop role play during Law Enforcement Day. 

It was full of amazing people. We have been exposed to leaders from every corner of Collier County: from non-profits, government and politics representing every major industry. We have talked to newcomers and founders of our county. They have shared their knowledge openly and candidly. We have gained insight into the successes and challenges of this County, and left impressed with their knowledge, commitment and collaborative spirit.
And then, there are my classmates. They come from so many backgrounds and experiences, with diverse skills, temperaments and perspectives. All share a deep commitment to being effective leaders and making a difference in their organizations and in this community. All surprised me regularly with their wisdom, their passion, their candor and their humor. We talked, we argued, we agreed and disagreed, and we brought out the best in each other. I have built friends and connections I never imagined, many of which I expect will endure. 

If you’re a leader in Collier County who hasn’t experienced this program, you should apply. Leadership Collier will connect you to this amazing community and its leaders, and will make you a more effective leader.
It will also help our community. Collier faces plenty of challenges and opportunities. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Bring your talents -- Collier needs you. 

Leadership Collier class of 2020 applications are due by Friday, March 29.
 Click here to learn more and apply!

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