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The importance of workplace training and development

The importance of workplace training and development

For any job, an employee is trained to grow their skills, and for the employers, the return on investment is immense when training is consistent with talent and workforce opportunities.

The Greater Naples Chamber supports investing in workforce education talent initiatives because the demand for necessary skills is how people can operate consistently with the ever-changing demands of the workplace. 

Businesses can boost better achievements by investing in their current employees by offering upskilling opportunities. Training is needed for a business’ success and ensure progress of an employee’s related skills while retaining their staff.

Sharpening knowledge-based development heightens a person’s skill level and drives competition in the industry they’re a part of.

Healthcare Network (HCN) has been Collier County’s trendsetter for their workplace training program.

Ultimately paving the way for progress, HCN ensures resource availability for employees, so their staff can learn more, be further challenged, and essentially improve family situations. Family-centered approaches to the workforce training system contributes to economic stability for the worker, their children and other relatives.

“This company helped my parents with their healthcare needs, now I have the opportunity to help someone else’s family,” students wrote in a thank you letter to HCN.

“I will forever be grateful for this learning experience; you’ve made my family and peers proud of me. As the instructor I can share that working for HCN over the last eight years and serving this community in the impactful way we’re able to has been a source of great pride for me,” the letter continued. “Now having the opportunity to foster personal and career growth in my coworkers and be a part of their exciting future in healthcare has been a dream come true.”

HCN’s Florida Board approved Pharmacy Technician Program prepares candidates to become a Florida licensed pharmacy technician during a 10-week training program, led by experienced and licensed Healthcare Network pharmacists.

From web-based educational opportunities, on-the-job training and live classes, this workplace training program gives HCN students the chance to acquire essential skills for their goal of becoming a licensed pharmacy technician in this demanding industry.

Responsibilities increase in all professional roles, and for an employer to carry out development training, means boosting a person’s preparedness for their current or desired career. This drives the importance of incorporating day-to-day work aspects leading career growth and stability during an employee’s learning experiences.

Serving the community through businesses is impactful in many ways but being a business that has the resources to supply workers with workplace training and development, leads to greater success when enhancing the workplace itself and creating a more productive and favorable reputation for employees to be a part of.

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