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Turning the Great Resignation into the Great Retention

Turning the Great Resignation into the Great Retention

From how to attract local talent to creating an immersive workplace, talent initiatives have emerged as leading workplace themes for 2022, leading employers to strategize the best ways to improve employees’ work-life balance.

Retaining existing staff has become a top priority for employers, with the 2021 seeing a sharp increase in resignations across all industries. Employees have cited issues related to job security, wages and benefits, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and workplace culture as a few of the factors for leaving their positions.

With more and more employees leaving their positions, employers are thinking about how they turn the “Great Resignation” into the “Great Retention.”

As an employer, you should understand what is making your employees stick around, and how you can leverage that to recruit prospective employees and keep momentum going for long-lasting employment.

There is always competition for the best and brightest employees, so it’s important to consider what makes your organization stand out. From higher wages and signing bonuses to training opportunities and childcare options, it’s important to know how your organization operates, while also dissecting the ins-and-outs of workplace culture.

Wages and benefits are just one part of the retention equation. Experts suggest several other ways employers can look to recruit and retain employees including by:

  • Providing them with a pathway for future career growth within the organization
  • Offering growth opportunities outside of the organization, including professional development
  • Encouraging community involvement through volunteerism and community engagement
  • Expressing your appreciation for their service.

Retaining local talent has long been a top priority for the Greater Naples Chamber, and the Chamber continues to work with educational and nonprofit partners to cultivate our future workforce. Through the Chamber’s work, hundreds of students have been exposed to the work-based learning experiences, internships, technical education and on the job training.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Chamber’s talent initiatives, contact Alex Breault, the Chamber’s director of talent initiatives, at

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