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Our strategy: Climate of acceptance: You don't have to be perfect or pretend you are, we're a church for people who are hurting and are willing to admit it. Every member a minister: Every member has a ministry: greeting, photography, printing, computer, drama, music, etc. Location: To reach the community outdoors because that is what initially draws the people. Educating members in the Bible: Daily bread, Wednesday night Bible study, Small Groups. Behavioral Preaching (James 1:22: 'Be doers of the Word and not hearers only.') Ever heard a sermon but you couldn't practice it? Couldn't do it? Every sermon will give you something to work with, something to do. Reaching the community through special days (Easter, Christmas Eve, Mother's Day, Independence Day, Praise at the Park, etc.) Affinity groups: Small groups with the same interest; a great place to find your ministry (singles, diabetes, retirement, gardening, etc.) Telling about Christ: Using your ministry for evangelism, music, chair set-up, etc. Interest oriented services: Service geared to specific groups; 'Sunset, Sacrament & Sandwiches, etc., (services for the beach, park, music services, etc.) Ongoing 101, 201 & 301 classes: Growing our congregation and finding your ministry and purpose. Naples atmosphere: Casual service style, shorts, no socks, '˜beach' music, etc.

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Charitable non-profit (501-c3)

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