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Purpose Journey provides consulting, training and coaching to individuals and organizations. In summary, our team helps align values, behaviors, processes and metrics to drive business results and create a healthy, collaborative environment where people can thrive. We help executives balance professional and personal success, assist teams in overcoming common dysfunctions that hinder effectiveness and efficiency, and facilitate growth for employees to reach their full performance potential. Purpose Journey is led by Lisa Gruenloh, an organizational consultant, trainer, coach and mission-driven entrepreneur with a passion for helping organizations drive business outcomes by cultivating a measurable, values-based culture. A sampling of services includes: Organizational Road Mapping and Development: Defining/refining vision, mission, values, and supporting behaviors. Developing the cultural/people processes, tools, metrics and support to drive outcomes. Selection and Performance Management: Refining hiring, reward, measurement, feedback and improvement plan practices to ensure inspired accountability that drives results. Team Development: Training and coaching to reduce common team dysfunctions and foster collaboration and trust. Special trainings and retreats for management teams. Executive and Employee Coaching: One-on-one coaching to support top executives or employees targeted for promotion or performance improvement. Employee Engagement: Communication, accountability and involvement strategies and tactics to inspire your team members to deliver results with a sense of purpose and passion and become powerful brand ambassadors both inside and outside the organization. Employee Well-being: Programs that create a caring environment to help employees focus and thrive, which helps the organization thrive. Change Management: Organizational strategy, employee engagement strategies and communications to effectively prepare for and work through challenging transitions. Ongoing or as-needed Consulting: Expert insights and ideas that you can implement on your own as specific organizational or employee issues surface. To get started, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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